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Lenore Skenazy discusses how people reacted to her giving her child a small amount of freedom. My conversations with Lenore happened in New York City, on Long Island, and via Zoom:


Ms Skenazy explains more:


Ms Skenazy continues:


Ms Skenazy explains how attitudes towards motherhood have changed:


Ms Skenazy explains how new and unusual our ideas about childhood are:


Ms Skenazy explains what children learn when they play:


Dr Isabel Behncke explains the role of play in children’s development. We were talking in Edinburgh in Scotland:


Ms Skenazy explains what are kids are missing out on:


Ms Skenazy explains further:


Dr Behncke explains why cutting out play is a disaster:


Ms Skenazy explains her thoughts about how we learn focus:


Ms Skenazy discusses how she talks to parents about this:


She continues:


Donna Verbeck is a teacher on Long Island and explains being disconcerted by seeing children who didn’t know how to play:


Thomas Payton is a junior school principal on Long Island. He discusses how common Donna’s observations are:

Ms Verbeck explains a success story. I have blanked out the child’s name in this audio to protect his confidentiality:


Gary Karlson is a teacher at the same school. He discusses a success story:


Ms Skenazy discusses success stories. The quote here is slightly different from the one in the book because Lenore asked to clarify her words a little:


Jodi Maurici is a teacher at a high school on Long Island. She explains her experiences of the Let Grow project:


Ms Skenazy explains more. Again, this quote is slightly different to the one in the book because Lenore asked to clarify her words:


Professor Peter Gray discusses progressive education and its outcomes. We were talking in Massachussets:


Ms Skenazy explains a key mistake we are making: