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Professor Anne Mangen talks about how we read differently on screens. We were talking via Zoom:


Professor Mangen explains more about this:


Professor Mangen explains some of the implications:


Professor Raymond Marr explains the nature of reading as a form of attention. We were talking in Toronto, Canada:


Professor Marr explains what we do when we read complex fiction:


Professor Marr discusses this more:



Professor Marcus Raichle talks about day-dreaming. I went to interview him at his office in St Louis, Missouri but due to an administrative error he was away and we had to do it on the phone:


Professor Marcus Raichle talks about how people used to think about the brain:


Professor Jonathan Smallwood discusses what we do when we are reading. We were in York in England when we had this conversation:


Professor Smallwood explains more:


Professor Nathan Spreng explains important aspects of creativity. We were in Montreal in Canada when we had this conversation:


Professor Spreng explains more:


Professor Spreng explains more about attention:


Professor Spreng explains how learning this led to personal changes for him:


Professor Reichle explains more about the need for mind-wandering:


Professor Spreng explains how digital interruption is regarding our thinking:


Professor Reichle offers the symphony orchestra as a metaphor for thinking: