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Professor Stephen Hinshaw talks about genetics and ADHD. We were talking in Berkeley, California:


Dr Nicholas Dodman talks about cribbing in horses. We were talking in Massachussetts:


Dr Nicholas Dodman talks about why horses in the wild don’t do this:


Dr Nicholas Dodman talks about the value and limits of drugs for animals in situations like this:


I discussed this further with Professor Dodman:


Dr Sami Timimi talks about his work as a child psychiatrist. I interviewed him in Lincoln, England, and in Birmingham, England, and by Zoom. These clips come from all three:


Dr Sami Timimi talks about how children respond to press and disappointment:


Dr Timimi talks about ADHD:


Professor Alan Sroufe talks about context and ADHD. We talked in Minneapolis and via Zoom:


Professor Sroufe explains more:


Professor Sroufe continues:


Dr Nadine Ezard discusses prescribing stimulants to people addicted to methamphetamine. We were talking in Sydney, Australia:


Dr Timimi continues:


Professor James Li discusses the long-term effects of prescribing stimulant drugs. We were talking in Madison, Wisconsin:


Professor Li continues:


Professor Xavier Castellanos explains other aspects of the science surrounding stimulant prescription:


Dr Czeiseler explains his perspective on prescribing stimulants to children. We were talking at Harvard Medical School:

Jay Joseph discusses some of the problems with twin studies. We were talking via Zoom:

Mr Joseph continues:


He explains more:

Professor Sroufe discusses the role of genes in attention problems:


Professor Joel Nigg discusses the role of genetics in attention problems. As above, the words in the audio differ slightly from the words in the book because Professor Nigg asked to slightly rephrase them to make them more scientifically accurate:


Professor Joel Nigg explains how he sees his role:


Professor Nigg suggests we see these problems in a wider context:


Professor Nigg offers a metaphor for this: