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Dr Williams argues against digital detoxes as an enduring solution:


Dr Williams argues for a deeper solution:


The magician James Brown explains a magic trick to me. We were speaking in London:


Tristan Harris explains magic. We spoke in San Francisco and via Zoom and phone. The quotes here are from a range of those conversations:


Mr Harris discovers studying at the Persuasive Technologies Lab at Stanford:


And more:


Mr Harris discusses his work at Google:


Mr Harris discovers being freaked out by a class at Stanford:


Mr Harris discusses how things look even worse from inside the tech industry:


Mr Harris discusses his time at Google:


Mr Harris talks about a frightening change he saw happen:


Mr Harris talks about Instagram:


Mr Harris talks about the importance of how we design technology:


Aza Raskin discusses the role of technology. We were talking on the phone:


Aza Raskin explains infinite scroll:


Mr Raskin discusses further:


Mr Raskin explains the problem:


Mr Raskin explains his deepest concern:


He explains further:


He discusses how the logic seems to take over everything in Silicon Valley:


He explains the incentives driving Silicon Valley:


He gives a powerful metaphor for what has happened:


He explains how many people have been disturbed by these changes:


He explains the irony of mindfulness workshops at Facebook and Google:


Dr Williams explains a key moment at a tech conference: