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I interviewed Nir Eyal in depth and because it is one of the few contentious interviews in the book, I am posting the full audio here on the website so people can hear Nir’s responses in full. I have trimmed out one section to protect the privacy of a relative of mine and of one other person:

Professor Ronald Purser critiques “cruel optimism.”:


Professor Purser explains the problem with this approach:



Mr Raskin explains the idea of banning surveillance capitalism:


Mr Raskin explains what would happen next if we banned surveillance capitalism:


He discusses further:


He discusses other possible changes:


He continues:


He explains the advantages of this:


He continues:


He talks about how these technologies might become more invasive if they aren’t regulated:


He continues:


Jaron Lanier offers a chilling insight. We were talking in Berkeley, California:


Dr Williams explains reform is possible: